3 Dystopian Books to (Re)Read over the Holiday

One of the things I’m going to do with my Christmas break is dig back into some old novels I haven’t touched in ages. A big part of becoming a good writer is reading other people’s writing – the first time for fun, and then the second (third, fourth…) time to find out what they did to make you like the story so much.

Here are three books I’m going to reread over the holidays. You’ll notice these have a bit of a dystopian tone, which is maybe fitting given the way 2016 went.

The Last Policeman – Ben H. Winters

The Last Policeman follows Hank, a detective from New Hampshire, as he tries to solve a crime while a meteor hurtles towards Earth. Everyone else thinks Hank should give up on the case because the world will be dust soon anyway, but he feels he has to pursue it. This one is definitely worth checking out, and it’s part of a trilogy so there’s a lot to dig into here!

Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk

If you’re not a heavy reader, you’ve probably seen the film adaptation of this book about an overtired office worker who starts a fight club. The movie is probably one of the better adaptations of a novel I’ve seen, but if you haven’t read the book, you’re missing out.

Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury

451 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature at which paper burns. This novel is about censorship, book burning, and the death of feeling. If you didn’t read this in high school, I say it’s mandatory reading. If you did, now’s a great time to reread it and see just how applicable this 1953 novel still is today.

Which of these looks like the best read to you? Leave a comment and please remember to share!

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