Hi, I’m Glendon Klassen.

I’m a writer, entrepreneur, and proud Winnipegger. After dropping out of my electrical engineering studies to pursue a business opportunity in supercomputer design and working seventy hours a week, I decided to get back to my roots as a writer. I decided to do this by both beginning a novel, Love Drug, and studying public relations, marketing, and strategic communications at the University of Winnipeg.

My fascination with art and business always seem to intertwine themselves in my writing. When the balance shifts towards business, you’ll find me writing proposals for innovative new business ideas. When it shifts back towards art, I write about two characters developing pharmaceuticals to solve the West’s intimacy issues.

Where I find success has yet to be determined, but until then I’ll be here exploring innovation, business, and creative process, all while inquiring about and poking at the world around us.